Monday, October 02, 2006

Hot Young Nonnude Chicks

I saw him using his radio outside my window and eventually another police car showed up and was helping Kate out of the car. Reno got in the car and we headed for the police station. The ride to the police station was uneventful. I pretty much just sobbed, starring out the window as I pondered what was possibly going to happen. Reno sat in silence as I'm sure as most men, he didn't know what to say when a woman is crying.

“OK, but it was pretty hot!” Jean laughed.

Taking a deep breath, she squared her shoulders and layed a comforting hand on Jeremy's slumped shoulder. "There's nothing else we can do tonight, dear. Try to get some rest, and we'll talk more tomorrow."

"I hope it's not far," I answered. "I'm tired and I'm hot."

"Hello boys! How the hell are ya?"

With that, the man withdrew from the girl and stood up in front her - a hand on his chin - as if thinking deep thoughts. For the first time, Lori could look upon the stranger in full view, and became even more scared. He was very tall and muscular, with a bald head and chiselled, Asian features. His skin looked like skin, but - at the same time - wasn't. She couldn't place her finger on it, but while he seemed human, he also had an alien quality to him. Not that he seemed like he was from outer space, just that he didn't seem like he was a part of the human race. It was just something about his skin, his bearing, or some other mysterious quality that made him different than anyone she had ever met before. She looked down at his penis, and gasped with amazement. His dick looked exactly the same as the ancient stone lingham she had just bought!

Ann cupped her breasts in her hands as Mike's cock began to spew out the contents of his balls. The thick cum jetted in huge torrents from the tip of his weapon and splashed onto her hot skin. The young man was gasping for breath as he emptied himself and Ann worked his cock over her nipples to ensure every last drop had been drained.

Barb stayed up late that night and was tired when she arrived at work. On her desk was a note that she was to see Brad as soon as she got in. Barb had no choice but to follow instructions. Entering Brad's office Barb closed the door behind her.

They discarded her on the table when they were finished, leaving the dealer to help her clean up. The gentleman made jokes to each other, congratulating each on his conquest and making bets on who could do each thing the best.

"Yes." I agree, casually reaching under your skirt to grasp your erection. I fold the skirt back so your cock is exposed, then tell you to stand there while I eat so I can enjoy the sight of your arousal. Between bites, I tickle and stroke your shaft, rub the sticky drops of pre-cum around the swollen head of your erection. Your breathing is quick and shallow and I can sense your sexual tension. "Turn around." I demand, and you pivot, facing away from me. My hand slides up the inside of your thigh, feeling the smooth nylon, then the warm hairiness of your leg before slipping up to cup the taut cheek of your ass. I squeeze it firmly, feeling you tense your muscles. My thumb slips between your cheeks, finding your tight asshole and massaging it softly. You moan and relax slightly, arching your back to me, pressing your sensitive anus against my thumb. I pull away quickly, knowing you'll be disappointed. I lift the back of your skirt and tuck it into the waist so your ass is exposed to my eyes, then finish eating while I look at you. I tell you to clear away my plate, then I lift myself up onto the counter top, and sit there watching you.

She leaned forward and took the tip of his finger into her mouth, her tongue quickly swirling the remains of John's blowjob down her throat.

"Adrian...are, you couldn't be…" She sat back on her legs as Adrian stepped out of his pants.


I was sitting on the edge of the sofa. Linda turned around and I could see stuffed between her asscheeks just a bit of the end of the plug I gave her yesterday. "Bend over, let me see." She bent down and as her ass spread apart, I saw the plug firmly planted in her ass. I reached to it feeling the flared out end. It was nice and snug completely up her ass.

"They said, 'No way, baby, you wanted us here at 8:30 and here we are. Times a wasting,' and grabbed me and threw me on the bed."

Linds smiled hungrily and said, "Yes. Lets." Then she asked me, "Are you ready to explode?"

"Weird, huh?" I commented.

"Sorry, Cynthia, this is the love of my life, Danny."

"This really is happening!" Sharon thought and she felt yearning blossoming deep inside her as Dalton undressed and caressed her. No man, other than Byron, had seen her naked in years! What would Dalton think of her body? He cupped her breasts, thumbing her nipples through the bra. She gasped as intense jolts of pleasure shot through her. "Ohhhh!!!!!!!! Oh...Goddddd!!!" she moaned, shivering, "That feels so wonderful!!!" She was afraid her legs, now trembling wildly, wouldn't hold her much longer.

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